What is it thou says O’ preacher..
To me it does not matter,
Bury my body or throw it in the pyre,
To me it does not matter.
I need the grace of my eternal Father,
At His feet I lay my bodily Armour,
For all belong to thee O’ my master,
I need thy grace O’ my father.
My face is wrought with sins thou forbade O’ my Master,
I need thy grace to keep my honor,
Without it I will be a dishonor,
Bless thy grace to me O my eternal Father.
It is thy speck that breaths in me,
It is thy soul that flows through me
From the beginning to the end all is Thee,
Shower me your grace it will be honor to me.
Thou is the light that shines all around,
Thou breaths in trees and mountains and in every kind,
Thou is the beginning and the end,
At Thy feet I lay my crown at the end.


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