Exodus…A Poem in Honor Of Our New Docking…

This poem was an inspiration just when  shutters were closed down on Yahoo360..
We were so many of like  minded friends, only known by our regional and digital cloaks, and were looking desperately for a new place to be together in the cyberspace. Some how we came to know about ” Multiply” and after doing some research by myself and my sister friend from Estonia, we moved to  “Multiply”.. A place where we still are  berthed.

There was an Island on digital strands,
Inhabited by lovely cosmopolitan hands,
Its name was familiar to all its 360 strands,
Here docked our ships, day in and out from different lands,
With unlimited cargo of thoughts, music and blogs,
Full of friendship peace and lovely songs.
Our den was a heaven for love, peace and cosmic concern,
We would share, mingle mix and spread our humane concern,
Time went by and the digital traffic was full of charm,
Unaware of the looming global warming harm,
Then one day it was sudden news of alarm,
That our Island, soon would be under waters warm..!
In the flurry that was there in our digital mesh,
Twin sails were sent to find the land afresh,
The rat and the lion got the good news soon,
They had found dry land somewhere on multiply moon,
And suddenly started the exodus to this new realm,
And on multiply we did plant our lovely flag of boon,
Now here we again dock even in full moon,
Full of love, peace and free of gloom.
Let my prayer be blessed by the Creator Himself,
That we multiply and prosper with peace and love itself.

(Many  thanks to..Meerkatz, Debby and others)


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