And we Almost Lost Her…

And We  Almost Lost Her….

That Thursday was like another day for me except that I usually get up a little later than usual. And it was exactly two minutes to ten when I walked inside operation theater. I was greeted by the theater boy who had been on the night duty. It was custom for them that some of them would just stay more for an hour or two in the morning before leaving their shift. I had put up three patients for this Thursday , one a child for orchidopexy and then was the tall lady for laparotomy for an ovarian cyst and a last minute entry of haemorroidectomy, besides there were some local case( performed under regional or local anesthesia).

The first case went nicely and it only took me half and hour and then the second case was on. The lady a tall and buxom lady was some kind of teacher in one of the local colleges and his brother was the retired doctor.. medical superintendent of the nearby hospital, and had been after me to perform the surgery. I had some premonition about this one and had deferred the case twice. But in our set up we get cornered by social and friendly circles and my medical superintendent had requested me many times. The operation went nicely as can be said of moderately difficult case, as she had retroperitoneal extensions and when after about two and half hours we shifted her out of the theater, the clock ticked 2.30pm. I went for a cup of tea and told the in-charge to prepare for the next case. In the mean time the staff sister reported that the lady patient was in shock. I dashed out of the theater and was inside the ward, the lady patient was really in shock her pulse very feeble and blood pressure not recordable, and she was pale. We did what was to be done in such situations and called the anesthetist, who had been with us for about seven years and knew her job well. Mean while I was checking the drain site and was puzzled that there was no drainage, If she were bleeding there should be something but it was dry. I realized that the other patient wanted to convey some thing to me, but I was busy with the patient and forgot it. We shifted the patient back to OT and there I was checking her again. We were puzzled as there was nor reason for her to be in shock.. She got a pint of blood and was coming up smoothly but slowly and then I remembered the next patient who wanted to say some thing…I went again to the ward to hear what she had to say.. It was the most strange thing…

”Doctor sahib.. Your patient has taken many pills yesterday and today in the morning…”

This was all she said. “What” was all I asked of her before I called the nurse. No medication had been prescribed for this patient except the usual pre-operative routine treatment. I rushed to the OT and saw the patient was responding and our measures were working in the right direction. “Dear lady, what medication have you taken” I asked her. “O, nothing doc, it is nothing that you should know..!” was her reply. “But I must know dear pretty lady.. we have to treat you..” “Oh just a couple of tablets of alprozolam and I was having this terrible head ache and them I took a tablet of stemitil. And in the morning I took my usual anti-hypertensive tablets..and” That was all I wanted to know.

The patient had been on anti-hypertensive treatment had been postponed once for the same .Her aunt had died one day prior to admission in the hospital. So she had somehow smuggled in those tablets of alprozolam and prochlorperazine and taken twice the usual anti-hypertensive tablets.. This she had concealed from the doctors and combined with the anesthetic medication she was having a prolonged hypotensive effect in the immediate post-operative period. And while we were looking for the cause and sweating.. she was having nice dreams!
We did what had to be done for her and it was late at night after 11pm that I knocked the bell to my home and my daughter, opened the front door.
She is now fine and thanks to the patient next to her, who gave us the clue… and she is teaching in the local college nearby( Lord knows what?) I do not want to attend that college and neither would I advise any one else!


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  1. girija dhar
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 16:35:15

    GBU,Pse go to UR


  2. Ba Khan
    May 02, 2012 @ 01:05:53

    yes.. it is true.. she is a lecturer in one of the Colleges of Srinagar..


  3. Ba Khan
    May 05, 2012 @ 01:07:24

    Ha ha.. unnecessarily got irked.. the comment is here GD!
    It didn’t run away.


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