Gul Kak on a Walk..

Gul Kak.. You and Me did go on a walk,
On these roads where we had spent our youth and stalk,
These are the roads of our yester years,
When we were young and ye yet to see the light of days,
Many a times have we trampled these stormy roads,
Sometimes a laborer and often a coolie in many ways,
Our work was honest as honesty itself could be,
And earned a buck that fed our family happily,
Now on these same roads we do see,
Trecherous folks in the guise of nobelity,
Ah these tramps don’t remember HIM,
That sees all and knows all and the human whim,
Gone are those days of simplicity,
When our women folk would walk freely,
It is not the time that has changed,
But humans and its values deranged,
So we are come to the brink,
Where the roads end without any sidelink,
Gul Kak is sad to see it end this way,
That before long he asks his friends to take a walk the old way..,
If your soul is clean and heart so pure,
Come join Gul Kak in this walk for sure,
Gul Kak You and Me did go on a walk,
On those roads where we had spent our youth and stalk.

Author’s Note..
( Gul Kak is a fictional character, honest, patriotic and very much in love with his land. He is amazed at they way the time has changed and his land that he loves,has been razed. So he takes a walk on the same roads..down the memory lane.)

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1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. ayesha7
    Jan 19, 2013 @ 02:03:12

    a truely whimsical treasure my friend !


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