Tale Of A Vale…


‘The King Sold the Kingdom,
The Old Con sold them too,
The son made a deal,
And sold the wood and water too,
Thither came a time,
When the flock were afraid to woo,
But then they were patient with misery and woe,
The time passed and the land grew old,
The cons grew and became so bold,
They robbed the land and its treasure tow,
Treated the flock as if they were sheep and buffalo,
They still dragged and falsely bragged,
About the unworthy of their assets,
The Creator was angry for ill treating His Gaya,
He sent His fury and all got washed up,
The cons had flown to the higher ground,
And when all was clear and Sun came up,
They emerged like tubers as if sprouted from the ground,
The Seer sees it all, with the eyes of All Seeing,
The time will come sure will come,
When all this will be undone.
We will see, surely will see,
But till then..Let them have fun.”


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