Walk Tall

Walk Tall..

Walk Tall my child walk tall,
The vultures will soon be gone..walk tall,
This razed land knows its blood in the fall,
As it imbibed the pious juice in its bosom afterall,
The tears that roll down from your aspen eyes,
Will nourish many a thristy soul that silently cries,
How will we forget the enemy that came,
And our own brethern of doubious fame,
That tore our home and stole our land,
And backed us to our last stand..
The time will come when it will be over,
And the sun will shine in the morning hour,
So be ready my little one,
Thou are sure the chosen one,
You have to rule these meadows and all,
So walk Tall..walk tall walk tall.

“This poem was written on the spur when going through an article in VoxKashmir and mailed them about a year or so back, but as usual was not published. I made some corrections  and put it here.
(Ba Khan)


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Girija Dhar
    Nov 23, 2014 @ 01:08:56

    Straight from my heart
    Looks we hv similar stories to share
    G Dhar


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