Sir, I Got Gas..

What I am about to mention here is a personal experience at one of my places of posting.

Since I work in government set up and have the experience  of negotiating lots of difficulties, despite the claims of those in adminstration of providing everything, which some times could take months, many times we have to face the music of these inadequacies at the hands of the patients attendents. This is an incident of almost similar nature but with a comical twist.

Our carbon dioxide(CO2) is supplied on requirement basis from one store, catering to the whole Valley & usually  in Winter our Valley gets cut off largely due to landslides on mountainous road link. During one such unfortunate incident there was a shortage of carbon dioxide and we had to postpone many lap patients. One of the attendents of one such patient was very irriated and enquired why his mother had not been admitted on her date. He was told that there is shortage of gas and that as soon as the gas supply is restored, her mother will be operated.

Now this man, whose mother had to be operated went home and got domestic gas cylinder( liquified pressurised flameable gas) and told the theatre staff that he could get two more.!!


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