Lofty Pine

Lofty Pine…

A lofty pine was I that sprout from the ground,

Spelling wide and holding pride all around,
I didnít see my ground, from whether were my roots bound,
But only the gentle breeze that sang through my green hairy mound.

And those who chanced to call out to me.
I would never listen but there was that  ‘I’ inside of me,
The time went by and then summer came to a cold end,
The chill was there and no more spring round the bend.

My sap went suddenly short and so dry.
And my boughs shedding green with no tears or cry,
O’ Lord what was it I had done,
Why this as I had only just begun!

An old owl suddenly spoke from the hole in my bosom frill
It was as if he had been sent to make his chore like a drill,
“Who ever comes hither will eventually leave for thither

This is the way of things, though few eventually do remember.”
All of a sudden the fog was clear from my dull interior,
And now every thing was so crystal clear,
Then the wind came and I no more did face it like before,
But bowed deep that my boughs brushed its noble decor.

Now it is no more thou and I as before,
But there is more love and more than there was before,
All around I see only one and One that could be,
No more I and no more thou but only One to be.


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