Sir, I Got Gas..

What I am about to mention here is a personal experience at one of my places of posting.

Since I work in government set up and have the experience  of negotiating lots of difficulties, despite the claims of those in adminstration of providing everything, which some times could take months, many times we have to face the music of these inadequacies at the hands of the patients attendents. This is an incident of almost similar nature but with a comical twist.

Our carbon dioxide(CO2) is supplied on requirement basis from one store, catering to the whole Valley & usually  in Winter our Valley gets cut off largely due to landslides on mountainous road link. During one such unfortunate incident there was a shortage of carbon dioxide and we had to postpone many lap patients. One of the attendents of one such patient was very irriated and enquired why his mother had not been admitted on her date. He was told that there is shortage of gas and that as soon as the gas supply is restored, her mother will be operated.

Now this man, whose mother had to be operated went home and got domestic gas cylinder( liquified pressurised flameable gas) and told the theatre staff that he could get two more.!!


My Beloved

My love is my beloved..
Rest is nothing just visions cloud..
He flames my longing like unseen pyre
And burns me down with his desire,
What am I does it matter..?
Everything is Him and He everywhere
My beloved my love
This desire too is your attire..

Walk Tall

Walk Tall..

Walk Tall my child walk tall,
The vultures will soon be gone..walk tall,
This razed land knows its blood in the fall,
As it imbibed the pious juice in its bosom afterall,
The tears that roll down from your aspen eyes,
Will nourish many a thristy soul that silently cries,
How will we forget the enemy that came,
And our own brethern of doubious fame,
That tore our home and stole our land,
And backed us to our last stand..
The time will come when it will be over,
And the sun will shine in the morning hour,
So be ready my little one,
Thou are sure the chosen one,
You have to rule these meadows and all,
So walk Tall..walk tall walk tall.

“This poem was written on the spur when going through an article in VoxKashmir and mailed them about a year or so back, but as usual was not published. I made some corrections  and put it here.
(Ba Khan)

My Vale…

I love my beautiful Vale..Kasheer
That goes by the name of Rishiware
Though razen by own and aliens for unknown sake,
It has out lived them both in its wake,
Its beauty still raw and pure,
How can they answer on the judgment day dear,
Though they don’t know it yet,
The end we will see, oh yes we shall see though not yet,
My Valley will survive these brazen brutes,
Its beauty unbound will remain uncrushed,
And that day we will watch,
Tall minarets crumbling like mist in the dark,
And the man with vision will be singing,
The long forgotten liberty song.

Tale Of A Vale…


‘The King Sold the Kingdom,
The Old Con sold them too,
The son made a deal,
And sold the wood and water too,
Thither came a time,
When the flock were afraid to woo,
But then they were patient with misery and woe,
The time passed and the land grew old,
The cons grew and became so bold,
They robbed the land and its treasure tow,
Treated the flock as if they were sheep and buffalo,
They still dragged and falsely bragged,
About the unworthy of their assets,
The Creator was angry for ill treating His Gaya,
He sent His fury and all got washed up,
The cons had flown to the higher ground,
And when all was clear and Sun came up,
They emerged like tubers as if sprouted from the ground,
The Seer sees it all, with the eyes of All Seeing,
The time will come sure will come,
When all this will be undone.
We will see, surely will see,
But till then..Let them have fun.”

Hafiz of Shiraj

Hafiz of Shiraj
Kept a fast to be with the Creator,
Not till Attar handed him the cup of nectar,
And lo Hafiz of Shiraj
Beheld lover of lovers, the Creator of All.

Don’t Let Me Go..

Even if this World comes to an end,
Don’t let me bend ,don’t let me go,
Your bossom is my heaven your   embrace the end,
Hold me tight don’t let me go
They may say that I am mad,
Sure as can be I am, in your love
Hold me tight and don’t let me go,
Let this be till eternity.

(In reply to a tweet by _Thuraya6..
Thanks _Thuraya)

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